Statement of Faith... NOT!

Here at Chut HaM'shulash, we don't find any evidence in the Tenach that members of the community of faith be required to attach themselves to a "statements of faith," or otherwise be subjected to someone else's theological sobriety test, in order to be accepted or belong to that community. We simply declare solidarity and unity with those who keep the commandments of HaShem, and affirm Yeshua’s life as a living example of one who is qualified to lead the world into "Eh'dan Ha'Mashiach"(The age of Messiah), as King Mashiach and Cohein (Priest).

We are opposed to issuing such statements. We do not feel that every one has to agree with the conclusions we have reached from the Tenach or the Brit Ha'Chadashah. We also do not feel that we have to agree with every point of doctrine that someone else has produced, in order to be pleasing to G-d or retain our status as members of a larger faith community. Every Statement of Faith is incomplete and partial since the Word of G-d alone contains the full counsel of G-d. Therefore, any person could find things, which he thinks should be in such a statement but are not, or things, which are in the statement but shouldn't be, and use these discrepancies to divide a community, rather than unify it.

To those in the church worldwide, who present themselves as being tolerant of other’s beliefs, yet proceed to issue excommunication orders to anyone who does not adhere to their particular doctrinal perspectives, we say, "HaShem granted all men the freedom to think and to ponder." A true "believer" therefore, in the end of days, according to the texts of Sefer Ha'Hitgalut (Rev) 12:17 and 14:12, are judged and identified by two things; 1) S/he observes the Commandments of G-d (i.e. the Torah), and 2) S/he holds to a testimony of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach (an attestation that is not foreign to the teaching of the RamBam in his Thirteen Principles of Faith) This should be enough. Everything beyond these two, are nothing more than devices of men, which are altogether unprofitable in every way.

Unfortunately the "Messianic" movement today presents itself, in and out of the Land of Israel, as a community suffering with an identity crisis. They have lost sight of ONE G-d, their Jewish heritage, and Torah-centered values for living. They claim to possess the "Ru'ach Ha'Kodesh," but ignore the very commandments the Ru'ach Ha'Kodesh has given them through our Torah. Their requirements of forcing others to sign their statement of faith else suffer rejection, does not arise from the roots of Jewish faith, but from the very counsel and instruction of those who sought to kill the Jew whose resolve was adherence to the Torah in all respects. Having obscured G-d’s role and His Torah in the whole affair, we must admit at this time, we have no part with them, to the same extent as they first decided, they have no part with us.

Our only identification, therefore, with the Messianic movement in Israel, is limited to serving the financial needs of the poor within that community, who observe the Mitzvot of ONE G-d, and hold to the testimony of Yeshua.